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"Heather has handled our company's content creation and Social Media strategies for over two years now. She has written articles and blogs on a variety of subjects and has helped us generate some amazing ebook campaigns where she created content, supplied photos, provided editing services, as well as a digital marketing plan. Her knowledge of various social media platforms has helped our company continue to be discovered by new customers. Heather’s organizational skills keep our projects on track and on budget. I would highly recommend her as someone who can provide clear direction for a company looking for branding or marketing strategies." - Cathy Vierthaler, Owner, Paxis

"I originally hired Heather to assist my company with content strategies for our website and social media marketing. We were so pleased with her work that we now regularly hire her to assist us with conducting interviews; writing articles, blogs and biographies; setting up innovative workshops at conferences; proofreading and editing proposals and documents; and creating marketing collateral. Heather works in a timely manner, is a careful listener, and provides constructive, strategic feedback when helping us with projects." -Colby Swanson, Co-founder, Momentum Innovation Group

More Reviews

"I have had the pleasure of working with Heather in many different areas. She was the Project Manager for five of our major demonstration projects around the U.S. where she was responsible for directing and communicating the details of each project with sometimes up to twenty-five different corporate sponsors. She served as our Marketing and Social Media Manager and helped to keep our entire team on task and on schedule during multiple campaigns with a diverse group of advertisers. Heather also writes blogs and articles on various topics for both our print and online magazine and has helped with proofreading. She provides great value with her ability to easily connect with people and create meaningful business relationships and has the unique ability to see both the overall scope of a project as well as the details necessary to reach that end goals. Heather's unfailing good humor, ability to adapt to changes in programs/schedules, and wonderful rapport with project participants made working with her a true pleasure." -Cati O'Keefe, Chief Development Officer, Green Builder Media

"We hire Heather to do the final photography for our completed building projects. The most recent one required her to quickly complete interior and exterior photos of a spec home we were advertising online. Because of the quick turnaround, she had to follow us around as we were doing cleanup in each room. She even helped us with the staging of the landscaping for the exterior photos. The home was in escrow in less than three weeks and closed a few weeks later. Heather is adaptable, professional, and has knowledge of the real estate industry. We highly recommend her." -Abraham Smith, Owner, AG Smith Homes

"I've worked with project manager Heather Wallace on several national ad campaigns over the past five years. She prides herself in consistently meeting deadlines, managing multiple clients simultaneously and handling the most demanding of situations with grace and professionalism. She is super organized and things work so smoothly when Heather is in charge." -Stephen Fell, Owner, Cambria Films



Brooklyn Bridge Photo: Heather Wallace