Entrepreneurship Runs in My Blood

Multiple generations of business owners and a passion for helping others drove the purpose behind this start up.

In 1970 my parents packed up all they had and journeyed to a little island in the upper Northwest corner of Washington State. They put $5000 down (pretty much all the money they had) on a ten acre piece of land and over time built the home I was raised in and that they still live in today.

My dad worked for various construction companies on Orcas Island for ten years and then ventured out on his own, beginning what would become a 33 year stint as a private contractor and owner of Ron Wallace Builder, Inc. I recently interviewed him about those early years and why he decided to go out on his own. “I wanted to make my own decisions on how to build homes,” he told me matter-of-factly.

My grandparents started Mystic Lake Dairy in Sammamish, Washington in the early sixties. I still have vivid memories of playing with the goats and the fun my siblings, cousins, and I had trudging around the property during holidays. You can still buy mayonnaise packaged with their label in Whole Foods and other health stores. My grandmother is also infamous in the area for going head-to-head with the city officials on preservation and conservation issues regarding the wetlands surrounding the property. She also worked with an organization to help elderly in her area protest unfair property taxes.

Minkler’s Green Earth was owned and operated by my Aunt and Uncle in Renton, Washington since 1974 and in 2014 they retired and sold the business to new owners. My Aunt and Uncle were, and still are, known for their outstanding service and the relationships they formed with their customers (6,000 when they sold) and suppliers. Both of them still receive regular Happy Birthday calls from a former supplier.

You could say that entrepreneurship runs in my blood.

Today marks the beginning of my own era of business ownership. Brand H Marketing was formed out of my love of small businesses and startups. From my passion for watching people do what they love. And the drive to help people reach their goals. My company is a little bit of business branding, a little bit of marketing, social media, content development and writing, photography, project management, and a lot of relationship.

One of my nephews recently graduated from high school and I gave him this advice - the same advice I’d give to anyone: “Figure out what you’re good at and what you love to do, and do it.”

The support I have received from my family and friends (and random people at bookstores, coffee shops, and in foreign countries) has been overwhelming. Thank you to those of you who asked me the hard questions in the beginning of this process and made me really think about my value. You are all my heroes! 

Whether or not you need my services I'd love to hear about your small business or startup. Your stories are my inspiration. Reach out to me on social media or email me at heather[at]brandhmarketing.com.

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