The Birth of a Networking Inkub8er

When I started thinking about how to create networking opportunities for high school students it came from a sense of gratitude. A little over a year ago I ventured out on my own and started my own business. I spoke to many friends, many who have given me good advice in the past, as well as people I had met in the building industry over the previous six years. 

I received so much insight and was challenged by each person to think about the positives and negatives. Without those people I may have talked myself out of starting Brand H Marketing, or made some hasty decisions that I would now be regretting. It hasn't been perfect. Starting a company is hard work, but it has been more fulfilling than I can convey. 

I have recently started a series with the Islands' Sounder, a local paper from where I grew up. I am attempting to bridge the gap between timid high schoolers who are unsure of what they should do after they graduate and the amazing alumni and community members that make up the small town where I grew up. There's a huge world out there that's growing by the minute because of technology. There are so many interesting job opportunities it makes my head spin. If I can help a couple kids figure out early on what they are passionate about...I'll be happy. That's really, very simply, what Inkub8er is all about.